Esto fue lo que realicé para el proyecto Frágil, muchas gracias a Zurdo por la invitación.Curiot

Street Art Mural By Mexican painter Curiot For The proyecto Frágil On The Streets Of Mexico

Ubicación: Calle de Durango con Frontera. Col. Roma

Street artist Favio Martinez, aka Curiot, creates colorful mythical beasts that combine animal and human features and are inspired from Mexican traditions.

"The Displaced" a new street art piece by Australian artist Fintan Magee

"The Displaced," Buenos Aires Image: Guerilla Murals by Fintan Magee (© Fintan Magee)

Street Art – The phantasmagorical animals by El Curiot

The phantasmagorical animals by El Curiot

Favio Martinez aka El Curiot is a Mexican street artist based in Mexico City. His murals allude to Mexican traditions, their colors and their representations through characters, half-animal half-human.

2 mythical creatures by street artist curiot Mythical Creatures by Curiot

Mexico City-based painter and street artist Favio Martinez (aka Curiot) creates stunning murals and illustrations inspired by fascinating stories. He portrays mythical creatures, hybrids, half-animal

Muretz                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Brazilian street artist Muretz covers the walls of the gigantic city of São Paulo with his atypical graffiti. His wrongly childish lines represent characters w

Artist : Erase

This three storey high street art mural by Erase features the temptation scene in whic Eve eats an apple in the Garden of Eden