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Walter white y Heisenberg

The official site for AMC's critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad: Get full episodes, games, videos, plus episode & character guides

I actually am; I swear!

INTJs can be compassionate True, unless you created the mess you find yourself in, in which case find yourself a touchy-feely type to whine to. Not me - I'm an aspie.

Understanding Maslow's hierarchy of needs. An essential part of self care & wellbeing

The goal of understanding Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is to help children and their families to achieve their self-actualizing potential utilizing this transpersonal approach and person-centered theoretical model.

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20 Quotes From Famous INTJ Women

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

Heisenberg/Mr. White (Breaking Bad)

Heisenberg/Mr. White (Breaking Bad)


Just watched the show. This is in response to Newt Gingrich's 'argument' that American's feelings 'trump' actual FBI facts. If the top Republicans are this stupid .

Crowds are overstimulating and I cannot have conversations. Today crowds do not induce meltdowns (unless I am all ready overwhelmed and stuck for HOURS) but I do not seek them out.

Story of MY LIFE and people cccoonnssttaannttllyy ask if I'm okay! I'm fine! I just hate people!

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30 Awesome Breaking Bad Fan Artworks

INTJ - That awkward moment when someone says something so stupid, all you can do is stare at them in disbelief.

Although I don't like the portrayal of an INTJ in House, you can relate to the humour in this meme.

Amateur! I was last invited to a 'party' in 1994. I left early, then slowly cut all social ties with all but one of the people there, realising that the kind of people who have parties are not the kind of people I'm ever going to have anything in common with. Problem solved!

“Saturday night I went out, then on Sunday I met some friends for an early breakfast.

Being direct and to the point is better then beating around the bush. It make life much easer. The quickest way to have me shut down on you is to lie to me. Other than that, life is good.