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Bruno Walpoth - Not since the Renaissance has an artist produced stupendous hyperreal sculptures like these Bruno Walpoth pieces. Using huge lime and walnut wood b.

Black Cloud Instalación con 30,000 mariposas. Impresionante instalación titulada “Black Cloud” por el artista mexicano Carlos Amorales.

Black Cloud: Carlos Amorales Adorns Gallery Walls with Thousands of Black Paper Moths paper multiples installation butterflies Saved on August 2012 am

immagine di Pinterest, foto scattate, vari cibi e oggetti. Quest'immagine mi ha colpito per la creatività e le varie situazioni rappresentate.

Miniature Calendar by Tanaka Tatsuya

Playing with ideas about how I could incorporate this idea into student projects.  So many ideas - book analysis, timeline, biographies?

Book Installation Detail by Yeshiva University Museum Exhibitions I think the idea of having long strips to do with different stages of your life would be interesting. Using old photos and different medias to come up with stories from your life

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crossconnectmag: “ Miniature Calendar It’s near been 2 years since we first invited you to watch the miniature world, Tatsuya Tanaka. He is Japanese artist who creates the miniature diorama for the.

. 2.5 thu "Parachute" . 「あれ?これどうやって畳むんだっけ。。」 . #パラシュート #みかん

. 2.5 thu "Parachute" . 「あれ?これどうやって畳むんだっけ。。」 . #パラシュート #みかん