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RCR - Restaurant in Les Cols (previously, 2), Olot 2011. Via Eugeni Pons. The tables, chairs, and dinnerware are all transparent acrylic.

RCR - Restaurant in Les Cols, Olot Via Eugeni Pons. The tables, chairs, and dinnerware are all transparent acrylic

5月22日、2017年プリツカー賞受賞者であるラファエル・アランダ、カルメ・ピジェム、ラモン・ヴィラルタ( RCRアーキテクツ ) の3人が、東京大学安田講堂にて受賞記念講演を行った。 定員1000名の講演会は大変な人気で、開始10分前にもかかわらず入場待ちはご覧の行列...

5月22日、2017年プリツカー賞受賞者であるラファエル・アランダ、カルメ・ピジェム、ラモン・ヴィラルタ( RCRアーキテクツ ) の3人が、東京大学安田講堂にて受賞記念講演を行った。 定員1000名の講演会は大変な人気で、開始10分前にもかかわらず入場待ちはご覧の行列...

Pavilion in Les Cols, Olot by RCR

Pavilion in Les Cols, Olot by RCR

archstudio embeds buddhist shrine within the riparian landscape of hebei, china

Inside a concrete Buddhist shrine carved into a hill - Curbedclockmenumore-arrow : By Beijing-based Arch Studios

Tijl Vanmeirhaeghe ism Carl Bourgeois (BARAK) /... at Sixten Sason in wonderland

Studio Koen van den Broek is a minimalist interior located in Antwerp, Belgium, designed by Tijl Vanmeirhaeghe + Carl Bourgeois. The work of the Belgian painter Koen van den Broek is based upon.

restaurant les cols, olot

The architecture produced by the RCR team (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta) is always very close to nature: it tries to capture and highlight it, invoke its features, and even act like…

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta Named 2017 Pritzker Prize Laureates,Row House Olot, Girona, Spain © Hisao Suzuki. Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture Prize

RCR Arquitectes + Coussée & Goris || Crematorio en Hofheide (Bélgica) || 2006

Hofheide crematorium – Holsbeek, Belgium by OMGEVING and RCR « Landscape Architecture Works