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Ladys Hairdreser

Why does a hair salon ad have to feature the implication of a naked woman's legs? It's a hair salon!

Související obrázek

Související obrázek

cruel intentions image

brunette, sarah michelle gellar and cruel intentions image on We Heart It

CRUEL INTENTIONS (1999): Kathryn makes a bet that her step-brother, Sebastian, won't be able to bed Annette (a virgin, who wants to wait until love). If he loses, Kathryn gets his Jaguar, if he wins, he gets Kathryn.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Gorgeous. I would totally hang this on my wall. Also, super excited for the actual movie.

Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom poster

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom takes place in a visually stunning imaginary…

Související obrázek

Související obrázek

樂高"造神"計劃曝光!?用經典詮釋經典,從將名畫變成樂高開始… | BRANDinLABS ·品牌癮|專業的品牌趨勢媒體

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany, created the print campaign “Create” for Lego inspired by The Creation of Adam from Michelangelo.

2/3 Excelente anuncio de Chupa Chups para representar que su sabor es idéntico a la de las frutas. La #solucion fue crear una explosión de frutas que representara su paleta.

Chupa Chups is a favorite all over the world and when it comes to advertising they are a favorite for me. Check out these 12 creative Chupa Chups ads.