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que ojos!

a face without freckles is like a night sky without stars. She has the most glorious freckles and she's all grown up. I am such a sun phobe that I don't have freckles on my face anymore.

Just some albino animals

Just some albino animals

in the animal kingdom, we look at this as beauty. in the human variety, we stop at stare like they are some sort of freak show. these make you rethink what human 'beauty' is and wonder.


Primp Tip: How to Save Chapped Lips

Rose Lips-lip stain is my new makeup staple. It stays on and looks like you have natural, deeply rose colored lips. Put on naked lips, let dry and go over with lip balm. also, yay for freckles!


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Sardas Pequenos beijos de anjos, polvilhados com açúcar. Dançando alegremente, em torno de um rosto de marfim. Diamantes coloridos de café. Marcas de feridas da batalha. Mas seus detalhes lunáticos em bochechas rosadas contam uma história, um da liberdade e do amor, englobados em uma tela em branco.

br-eathing: “californify: “ Freckles - Californify ” this is so cute, makes me feel much better bouts ma freckles ”

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