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Begonia ‘New York Swirl’ p.p. (Begonia rex hybrid) - Rex Begonias - Begonias

Begonia ‘New York Swirl’ (Begonia Rex hybrid). A stunning Rex with a band of silver that surrounds an expanding raspberry center. The deeply spiraled leaves engulf the pot in floral beauty.

Begonia ‘China Curl’ (Begonia rex hybrid) - Rex Begonias - Begonias

Begonia ‘China Curl’ (Begonia rex hybrid) this rex begonia gives new meaning to the word Sprial

Begonia ‘Satin Jazz’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

Begonia ‘Satin Jazz’ (Begonia rex hybrid) ‘Satin Jazz’ is a new rex begonia hybrid developed by begonia breeder, Mike Kartuz.

Begonia ‘Ring of Fire’ (Begonia rex hybrid) - Rex Begonias - Begonias

begonia seeds bonsai flower seeds courtyard balcony Coleus seeds begonia plants potted for home garden

Begonia ‘Tie Dye’ (Begonia rex hybrid) - New Introductions for 2014

Begonia ‘Tie Dye’ (Begonia rex hybrid) Here’s another Logee’s exclusive hybrid from Logee’s third generation owner and horticulturist, Byron Martin. ‘Tie Dye’ is a standard rex with deep red spirals in the leaves.

Begonia ‘Emerald Wave’ (Begonia rex hybrid)

Begonia ‘Emerald Wave’ (Begonia rex hybrid) One of our new, exclusive Logee’s hybrids, ‘Emerald Wave’ is a dynamic, deeply spiraled rex begonia.

Begonia ‘Lalomie’ (Begonia rex hybrid) - Rex Begonias - Begonias

Begonia ‘Lalomie’ (Begonia rex hybrid) This is one of our strongest and most enduring rexes. It will grow year-round and take the heat of summer as well as the short days of winter. This dramatic rex begonia has large silvery leaves with pink

Rex Begonias  (Begonia rex-cultorum)

Speaking of the Garden...

How to grow, propagate and care for Rex Begonia plants, with light and watering requirements, growing tips, propagation methods and photos

Everblooming Passion Flower Collection III - Logee's Greenhouses

Begonia ‘Raspberry Torte’ (Begonia rex hybrid) ‘Raspberry Torte’ is a new Logee’s exclusive rex begonia with spiraled leaves that show-off bands of silver and raspberry.

Begonia rex (Putzeys)

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