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Caroline & GLaDOS. woah. I wish I could paint like this.

Is Glados has Carolines mind and Chell has Shell (carolines and mr Jonhsons kid)s and Caroline's shells mum does that mean that Gllados is Shells mum?, sorry if it wrong please correct me!

Forever is a long time by ~Guavi If Chell was cloned.

Forever is a long time by ~Guavi If Chell was cloned. Re-animating the dead, maybe.

The Itch by Glad-Sad.deviantart.com on @deviantART T-T

Gosh is everything relating to Portal designed to make me sad?

Android Glados by sambragg on deviantART

And the science gets done and you make a neat gun for the people who are still alive

Awwwww :$

XD Wheatley is too cute <----- even though he is an evil little twit!<<< glados is much worse

Realistic Doug Rattman fanart. Absolutely beautiful.

Doug Rattman in quite possibly the creepiest and most awesome character of the game.

Portal: Human GlaDOS by ShiroiNeko-sama.deviantart.com

Portal: Human GlaDOS by ShiroiNeko-sama on DeviantArt