Looks like the most colorful rainbow ball in outer space anyone has ever seen will be hitting Earth at the North Pole (not)!

Eddie Seese, 'Rainbow Twister' art glass marble is so clever and carefree in the way the colors swirl through clear glass.


Surya Chikitsa: The Ayurvedic Art of Colour Therapy

This is a Vivid Mandala. It may look like just some pretty colours but encoded within Mandalas / Scared Geometry / Sacred Art are the blueprints to the universe.

Fractal Art Pictures13

40 Mesmerizing Fractal Art Pictures for Art Lovers

Pretty quilt - Love the optical illusion

Mandala Spectrum - love the sharp, intense colors generated by computers.

Colors are life

I was going to call this a rainbow swirl. Then my partner saw it and said "Great balls of rainbow" so I have now changed my mind. I present to you Great Balls of Rainbow!


Fractal - Spiralen - Enjoy some Peruvian Chocolate today! Hand made where the…

Bright, saturated colour against a very dark or black background works well.

Beautiful fractal art that creates a circle made out of other circles, and oval like shapes. -Geometry and Art

Mandelbrot Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension | Markosun's Blog

Spiral Fantasy ___ by Alfred Laing ___ Fractals are so purty! Here are the winners of the 2007 Second International Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest, which was named after the Father of Fractal Geometry himself

Fractal.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Fractal. More

Beautiful Collection of Fractal Art

Rainbow waves fractal--beautiful: Birds of Paradise by =Shadoweddancer on deviantART