Elizabeth Taylor pictured in 1967 wearing the Grand Duchess Vladimir Suite, a collection of diamonds and emeralds expected to fetch at auction

Elizabeth Taylor, photo by Milton Greene

elizabethsrosemond: "Elizabeth Taylor photographiée par Milton H. Greene pour The Blue Bird.

Rare colour portraint of Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor's beauty is still spoken off after all these years. Here is a full break down of the elizabeth taylor beauty secrets.

The 8 weddings of Elizabeth Taylor

Most people think that Elizabeth Taylor only got married to get married, as if she was bored with her husbands. Her husbands were either terribly abusive or died (or both!

At the premiere of Staircase in 1969, she wears the Mike Todd diamond tiara and earrings, a 19th century pearl and diamond garland necklace (a gift from Richard Burton in 1968) and the La Peregrina necklace.

Elizabeth Taylor, dripping in jewels; La Peregrina Pearl Necklace before she had Cartier design a new setting for it, her antique garland necklace of diamonds & pearls, the Krupp diamond ring & the Todd Tiara.

Elizabeth Taylor

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