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Keep writing these books, although the first ones will Always be the best

A lot of people say they're childish, but every book teaches you something important. Every single cat that annoys you in that series is supposed to show you who NOT to be in life.

Draw your oc as a human, and if they already are a human, draw them as there favourite animal ^u^ try your best XD due the 20th

Warrior cats as humans. Ravenpaw wouldn't have had long hair. And I think Squirrlflight would have longer hair.

*sob* ((Halfmoon should be reincarnated like Jayfeather into Halfkit, daughter of Cinderheart.. She should become Jayfeather's apprentice and Jayfeather will name her Halfmoon after his love.. Then they'll be together, even in StarClan...))

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

In fact, Erin Hunter HEAVILY implied (confirmed) in confidential notes ending doomed romances, that JayFeather and HalfMoon WILL walk together in StarClan.

the Leader's Family, Firestar (leader of Thunderclan), Sandstorm (warrior of Thunderclan and Firestar's mate), Squirrelkit (will be known as Squirrelflight) and Leafkit (will be known as Leafpool and will be Thunderclan medicine cat)

Firestar and Sandstorm with their kits Squirrelkit and Leafkit♥I love how Squirrelkit is acting! But omg I wanna cri cause SandStorm n Firestar r like 😏 n the kits r like

Power of Three | WarriorsUnlimited @ YouTube

After the sharp eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on the doves gentle wing. They did a brilliant job coming up with all the things Jay/Lion/Dove represent

#rowanstar #tawnypelt #RowanxTawny

Warrior Cats Headcannon - Tawnypelt (I'm just randomly pinning this)

Where My Demons Hide... by Mizu-no-Akira | Brokenkit (Small black Tom) and Yellowfang (Older grey she-cat)

Brokenkit and Yellowfang, out to collect moss. I wish you could see the future Yellowfang.

lmao what even

12 Days of Warriors Christmas by katribou on deviantART LOVE THIS! Its actually Skyclan not Cloudclan btw. Also I snorted at the brokenstar one XD

Silverstream drown in you're own territory and I'll rescue you X'D

the scene of Warrior Cats - Fire and Ice , the first time Silverstream appears and rescues Graystripe! Fire and Ice - Silverstream

Dustpelt the master builder of ThunderClan--- and Brackenfur is the consulting architect--- I can't stop laughing

Dustpelt the greatest builder of ThunderClan>> I noticed this! It's like Dustpelt and Brackenfur are the master architects of ThunderClan!

..Because I'm a medicine cat, and I can't actually fight. Plus, you're clearly not a warrior. -Silverflight

but my pillows will be stuffed with metal, bricks, and maybe explosives.