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Modern Baby Names 2014 for Boys

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I want him!!!  http://rollinstyle.blogspot.com/

Toddler aviators and preppy sweater (even though the sunglasses would be broken by noon). Little boy fashion. I hope my little boy looks like that.


The bowtie AND the hat are a bit much, but I love the cardigan/pants/shoes combo.

This stoic who is judging you for wearing that. How could you? | Community Post: 25 Kids Too Trendy For Their Own Good

is this guy a cutie patootie or what! This kid is incredibly fashion-able. I love his style. Alonso Mateo wearing a Gucci belt, mini tailored jacket and designer pocket square.

gray cardigan with belt. Seriously how am I supposed to deal with this? So cute!

This will be my future child. So much steez

30 Fashionista Toddlers Who Dress Better Than You On Your Best Day

Over 248 people liked this! Little Boy Fashion so cute love the little beanie.I want little hipster babies!