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The way the bottles all line up to create a perfectly symmetrical smile shows great use of alignment and the white against the red creates a nice color contrast between the design and the background.

Simplicity, Symmetry and More: Gestalt Theory And The Design Principles It Gave Birth To

proximidad This Coke advertisement uses contrast (white and red color) and repetition (repeat bottles of coke) to strengthen the product. Also its shape looks like a big smile, which is related to happiness.

Nivea Night

Clever Advertisements are visually engaging as well as have a strong message. The perfect pairing results in something that is memorable and effective.

famous cartoons recreated in minimalist LEGO

The ads feature popular cartoon characters. The print campaign was created by German agency Jung von Matt. The print campaign was created by German agency Jung von Matt.


단순하지만 창의적인 광고들 - pokkisam.com

This is an interesting pasta packaging design. Making the hair of the girl transparently on the package, the different type of pasta/spaghetti within the shape of the hair shows different hair style. From the feedback, the second one is never the customers' favorite due to the uncomfortable 'hair'.

These playful pasta packages make noodles look like all types of hair. Moscow-based designer Nikita Konkin has made it hard to see any other box of pasta on the shelves with this clever design concept.

Legopedia ~ viva l'ego

Drowned car, Iwo Jima chess pieces, and Lego minifig shadow by Ivan Puig . * Buy Lego minifigs at eBa.

Blood donation. See more about unique categories on www.piafawards.com #adv #ads #marketing

Poster / Participation in the Greek graphic designer's association, "Creative waves" initiative on social design.This month's specific project aims to promote blood donation, in collaboration with "blood bonds" blood donators club, in Argolida, Greece.

Sharing a Coke, by Jonathan Mak Long

Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai won the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2012 for “Coke Hands” outdoor campaign. Amazingly simple but powerful imagery from the hands of Jonathan Mak Long.