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Design features for the future Rockwell Productions Recording & Music Studios at Brookridge Log & Custom Homes

I WANT IT!! ... Chrome Les Paul with gold hardware...nice (Inset). CLICK THROUGH the GRAPHIC to experience thrilling critically acclaimed/fan approved new music now!!  Also, VISIT WWW/REVERBNATION.COM/TEDPALMER for FREE downloads and stuff.

Chrome Les Paul with gold hardware.I'd rather have chrome hardware so it looks invisible. That or black hardware. Anything but gold.

Let It Breathe: Les Paul with no clearcoat finish.  Possibly the classiest guitar ever

Gibson Les Paul - what a lovely finish on this one. Is this antique violin finish perhaps? Looks like "Smokey", Pat Traver ' s old axe.

Knaggs Guitars Severn Trembuck

Buy Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String E - Silvery Steel - Loop End. Evah Pirazzi are Pirastro's leading violin string and have quickly become their most popular product.