Riku Xion

yes, i do have interest in riku and xion. but i think will be more at riku-->xion.

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Roxas & Namine (Kingdom Hearts)

kingdom hearts art promise>>>>>>>is it just me or does this art style looks more like a Metal Gear Solid art?

Can this just happen in KH3 please?

Can this just happen in KH3 please?

Sora and Kairi wedding!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HOW THEY WILL FINISH KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<< WHAT?! BUT- BUT I DONT WANT IT TO END!!!!<KINGDOM HEARTS SHALL NEVER END!

Sora and Kairi wedding this better happen in kingdom hearts iii.

Meus favoritos

I love how Kairi looks like she is just praying no one gets hurt.