El pelo blanco ya de por si es AWESOME, pero que te quede así de dioso ES UN NIVEL DE AWESOME IMPRESIONANTE.

(Good FC for December Winters Original story: Failed. The daughter of a family of werewolves, who ran a hotel that catered specifically to other weres.but one day a human came into the hotel by accident.

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((Alexandra Catherine)) Hey, I'm Axel. Just a freshman in college.

Bleach blonde white hair

⇢✧✧ you're a heart attack in black hair dye ✧✧⇠ goth heavy black makeup thick black eyelashes scene goth alternative

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How to repair bleached hair

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Arabella: i yawn a little as i sit at home. I look over aat the window until i hear a knock on my door. "Ye-" I get pushed back and then pulled up by my hair. I go to scream but my mouth was covered.

by maristelice | #braletteboutique #tbbxme #fashion #lingerie #underwear…

by maristelice | #braletteboutique #tbbxme #fashion #lingerie #underwear…

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I can't wait to see your brilliant face light up the rom around the pillowcase


Arvida Byström is the latest lady to be hailed as a Pink Girl! Arvida loves all things pink but once you get a little under the surface, this girl isn’t

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::Alexandra Catherine Axelina:: "Hey, I'm Carter. I like to eat Nutella and sleep, as well as model.