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looking at the camera like he's on the office or something.

Request: One where reader is tylers new neighbor when tyler is still a teenager and plays piano in his basement.

gif ♡ jwd.

regionale: “ Green haired josh is so Good™ ”

Look at him. Just look at this beautiful piece of art

Close (Josh Dun x Reader)

(Highest Ranking: in Fanfiction) (COMPLETED) ☆ You've been apart of your band, Broken Castle, for about 3 years now.

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{Jishua} "Hey, I'm Josh Dun. I'm 25 and the drummer for the band twenty øne piløts. I also go by Jish and DJ Spooky Jim. I like cats and drums and dying my hair and Tyler and stuff and things.

aca guardo los icons y si queres podes robarlos ahre #detodo #De Todo #amreading #books #wattpad

+ icons tyler/josh

He looks like he's about to cry Like same honestly but don't be sad

"flippin dungarees"

I'm literally spending my Christmas Eve laying in bed and looking at pictures of Josh Dun