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Sol Luna 2017

Sol Luna 2017

Love is love #horoscopeslove #numerologymemes

Love is love #horoscopeslove #numerologymemes

True...as much as I can I try to keep the ones I love protected #horoscopesdates

True...as much as I can I try to keep the ones I love protected #horoscopesdates

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My cats were born of July weekend (I celebrate on the tho), that makes them Cancer kitties and that horoscope fits them soooo well.

Vashikaran Mantra for love - Pt Subhash Shastri ji is no1 Vashikaran astrologer in india  http://solvemyloveproblem.com/Vashikaran-mantra-for-love.html

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Emotional and Psychological Meaning of Colours

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Anatomical representation of a zodiac birth chart.

Anatomical representation of a zodiac birth chart. My chart is all over the place: mostly fire and air signs with a water sun sign and an Earth sign twice.

Birth Order Summary- seems correct! I love this kind of stuff!

This is true. I am a middle born and that is kinda true about me. same for my bro another middle born. and my oldersister first born. the only one that is wrong is my little sister "last born" she isn't like that really.

Astrology is a language

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What is an angry? Sagittariuses can be angry, especially if you insult their fandom... • Credits to @ lovely-bright-astrology on tumblr

As a Libra, I sometimes ignore the fuck outta someone, but most of the time I throw daggers with my eyes, and rip souls with my death stare