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casa grecia11

Look how striking this is: echoing the walkway timber in the ceiling plane. Casa Grecia by Isay Weinfeld

Amazing combination of the natural and the manufactured - CASA YUCATAN

Casa Yucatan by Isay Weinfeld

Casa Yucatan By Isay Weinfeld. Weinfeld has a signature look throughout his projects of infusing nature with architecture. This concept is manifested in multiple ways such as Weinfeld’s choice of.

Reinoksevann, Pushak

Reinoksevann / Pushak

Built by Pushak in , Norway with date Images by Pushak. The site is in a flat landscape with a lot of wind comming from all directions. The roadstop has nieches to sit in in.

Judit Bellostes : la caverna de platón – sol grotto, garden pavilion : Estudio de arquitectura

Image 4 of 18 from gallery of Piracicaba House / Isay Weinfeld. Photograph by isay weinfeld

Santo Amaro House was designed for a mature couple with grown-up children that no longer live in the house. It was built in quiet residential area in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The homemaker is an amateur piano player who enjoys gathering friends at home f

Super Anleitung! http://www.baumarkt.de/nxs/957///baumarkt/schablone1/Vorgehaengte-Holzfassaden-eine-Selbstbau-Anleitung

Super Anleitung! http://www.baumarkt.de/nxs/957///baumarkt/schablone1/Vorgehaengte-Holzfassaden-eine-Selbstbau-Anleitung

Brasília: Isay Weinfeld. Varanda com Guarda-Corpo de Vidro e Fechamento em Madeira Ripada

Isay Weinfeld Architects projected this beautiful house located near a lake in Brasilia, Brazil. The house is about square meter with a large garden

João Tiago Aguiar, arquitectos — Expo kitchen

João Tiago Aguiar, arquitectos — Expo kitchen