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"Rhinoceros / Elephant Beetle sipping sugar out of this freshly cut piece of sugar cane. This is an adult male of about 6"-7" long. By elizita, via Flickr"

Favorite Animals / This is a species of elephant beetle from the rain forests of Costa Rica. Fully grown and roughly five inches long. They are an endangered species and generally live for just four months. Elephant Beetles eat the sap of particular trees

Feather Horned Longicorn Beetle, Piesarthrius marginellus

metallic body , metallic antenna - it's wearing Alexander Calder earrings, really.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pest

Colorful grasshopper When I was a we used to see big colorful, mostly green and yellow, all the time.

Onthophagus leucomelas

Scarabaeidae: Onthophagus leucomelas M. Smirnov - new macro photos for atlas of beetles of Russia and adjacent countries (September

I would need valium for a week after this

Costa Rica, rhino beetle - Holy hell, i would have a heart attack if I saw that!


Rosalia alpina - The Rosalia longicorn is a large longicorn that is distinguished by its distinctive markings. It is in the Beetle family.

neat pet (Rhino beetle)

Hercules beetles can be found roaming ares in southern Mexico south to Bolivia and in the Lesser Antilles. As an adult (pictured) it only lives about three to six months, so the average beetle lives total life span of up to two years