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giveme-love-like-never-before: “ walking-to—wonderland: “ Colton mi amor tu y yo asi por siempre ♡ ” ”

And I couldn't believe it.   I can still remember the day....and the order it all took place....

How to piece it all back together and try to function . I am back to normal? Am I still in survival mode? You are just too big of a loss from my life mom .

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.It also includes a connection to the soil. Mein Heimatland denotes the actual soil sailors and others who spent a lot of time away from home used to kiss upon their return... Chopin was given a goblet filled with Polish earth when he left his Heimat, never to return. He died on foreign soil, and asked for this soil from the goblet to be spread on his grave, so he will still be born in his native soil... :)

Heimat: a place that you can call home; includes a sense of belongingness, acceptance, safety and connection to the homeland

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Paper Towns by the always wonderful John Green

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#Frases en #espanol

#Frases en #espanol

There is something about the moon that I just connect with.. can't explain; it's just there... #serene #peaceful #quiet

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