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couteau de cuisine

creative print ads: WMF knives "Cutting board" "Sharper than you think. The WMF Grand Gourmet knife with Damasteel blade.


14 brillantes publicités qui n’ont pas besoin d’accroche

The choice is yours :D Advertiser : Durex India​


Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #16

cool ad for a WMF knive

20 Creative McDonalds Ads  기발한 맥도널드 광고 모음

20 Creative McDonalds Ads

20 Creative McDonalds Ads – From up North

Yepp, so wird durch 'Guerillamarketing sogar Außenwerbung wieder spannend!

55 Incredible and Creative Ads

I think this Big Babol XXL Bubble Gum advertising is a great and bubbly idea to catch attention. I just wonder if the bubblegum is sticky.

Bear in Lenor water


Lenor fabric softener campaigns from Creative Director: Pepe Aguilar and Pixel Studio Advertising Agency: Grey, Lima, Peru Creativ.

Love seeing things I would have never thought of, brilliant. Leo Burnett / McDonald's: Fryworks

Leo Burnett / McDonald's: Celebrating Cannes Creative Marketer of the Year

Comme chaque lundi depuis maintenant 27 semaines, on vous propose une sélection des prints les plus brillants et créatifs. Des affiches sélectionnées avec amour rien que pour vous !

Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #27

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Turkey for Talcid, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Minimalist Advertisement: The Science of White Space in Design - Coca-Cola.

Campagnes publicitaires qui cherchent à nous faire réagir.

200 exemples brillants et créatifs de street marketing !

Guerrilla marketing to make people stop smoking. This harsh realization of using a fake pair of lungs as an ash tray shows the build up of cigarettes and shows how maybe even smoking a day can collect up and make a lasting damage on your lungs.

Always rather liked these store refit posters from www.dinosaur.co.uk/?utm_content=buffera3067&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Always rather liked these store refit posters from…

Картинки по запросу fed ex advertising

Fedex China Australia 12 Unique Set of Creative Advertisements

Campagne publicitaire choc, sensibilisation publique

Funny pictures about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Oh, and cool pics about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Also, Don’t Drive Sleepy photos.

Le kiwi recharge vos batteries ! Très bonne idée de print.

‪ amidst nature 10 acres of Greenery & Solitude,Peace,Nature. Recharge yourself with your friends and family.

Marathon concept creatif #Constellatio

Human Footprint/ sustainabilty etc "One of three brilliant print ads for Reflex Spray instant muscle pain relief, featuring the London, Berlin and New York marathons.

pub créative

Patil Hospital: Anti Self-medication Can you treat yourself better than your doctor? Self-medication can put your life in danger. Always consume medicines only after consulting your doctor.