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To Pumpkin Orange (dyeing yarn with tickseed sunflowers)

To Pumpkin Orange (dyeing yarn with tickseed sunflowers and wasing soda)

natural dye movement...This one from avocado pits and skins. this would make more use of the massive amounts of avocados i purchase.

dye from avocado pits and skins - ikke ligefrem AK, men i mangel af bedre.

dyed silk thread __ clarabella -- Claire Wellesley-Smith

I spent some time this week using up some dyes. Onion skin, walnut and my almost exhausted indigo vat.

how to dye fabric quick and rough shibori style -review and adapt - use eco-dye techniques - look up artist India Flint

How To Dye Fabric Quick And Rough Shibori Style - Use Eco-dye Techniques - Artist India Flint by angelita

Natural dying with mushrooms  http://mushroom-collecting.com/mushroomdyeing.html

This entire webpage is a good resource for how mordants and pH change colors of mushroom dyes

I dyed this wool rug yarn with natural dyes....all 26 pounds of it.

Last Saturday, I set up a display of my naturally dyed rug yarn at the Open House for the new Craft Studio at Heritage Farm Museum and Village outside Huntington, West Virginia. Three people signed up for my handspinning classes.

Homemade plant dyes very cool method, your fingers are not as stained as mine become, ingenious!

Homemade plant dyes very cool method, minimize staining.

https://flic.kr/p/G9Y6r | Tea | Natural dye experiments

Tea Dye Recipe Dye Color test by tinateaspoon, Natural Dying inspiration for…

Avocado All Three - dying wool naturally

Using Avocado Skins to Dye Wool