11 Illustrations by Krenz Cushart Krenz Cushart is an Illustrator and drawing teacher in Taiwan, Tao

朧月象ヲ也 Oboro Tsukiyou o Nari

Yang Qi is a concept artist working in the video game industry. Currently based in Shenzen, he's most recently worked on Asura Online, a Chinese game.

Enjoy this selection of artworks made by Blizzard Entertainment artist LD Austin

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Last month’s speedpainting for Patreon. The .PSD is available for supporters! A fiery wyrm with some digestive issues.  Tumblr Post:…

Kiara: Shoots fire ball at Gaiwen. Gaiwen: Counter acts with shadow attack makes picture above creature. Kiara: Oh my Ahimir we made a monster! Gaiwen: YAY we made a monster beothain come see!