Natural play house.

A Hand-Woven Retort to the Plastic Playhouse

Kelly English made her first willow playhouse for her daughter, Clover, to connect with the natural world. She now turns out one a month.

Crow Wood Playscape

I like this net thing. I want to set up some sort of obstacle play course for them,, not just standard play stuff.

We could do this! There's also a picture of a log "train"

Beacon Hill Country Park and Gruffalo house

Dragon from tractor tires -

Dragon from tractor tires - would make great divider between garden & playground area within garden. Where can we get tractor tires honey?

Super cute for your little cooker

I can easily imagine my kids spending countless hours playing with this DIY outdoor kitchen. Except I'll probably add gardening tools to it. My kids r obsessed with gardening flowers and watering cans.

Working with forestry school has allowed me to develop my confidence ass well as allowed me to teach useful skills to young children.

Going wild website - fantastic ideas for outdoors natural play and as an added bonus the photographs are gorgeous

Amazing outdoor nest bed this would be an awesome get out of the house and a good place to hang with friends

porch play spaces | logs and plywood. Natural outdoor play space idea. | Little Boys

Play area under the adult treehouse. Would love this behind the house. Looks natural, fits into the backyard decor, and fun for grandchildren.

We Love Being Moms!: 30 PVC Pipe Ideas for Kids with Tutorials

Outdoor play space for kids. PVC pipe for cars and trucks!my garden will have things like this for the kids to play in!

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Framed out playhouse from pallets Discover How To Easily Build An Attractive And Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop.

Imagine: have pre-knotched lincoln-style logs (made from that tree you removed or from grocery store firewood)) lying around so the kids can build real forts, stores, ships, monsters.

Love this for Earth Day - Such cool ideas on how to set up a natural play space for your kids in the backyard (part of a 4-part series) - bye, bye plastic slide, hello forts and logs!

How to Set Up Natural Play Spaces in Your Back Yard

Such cool ideas on how to set up a natural play space for your kids in the backyard (part of a series) - bye, bye plastic slide - hello forts and logs! If only I had space in the backyard for anything more than the trampoline!