Everyone needs a dash of Lou on their board ♡

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Everyone needs a dash of Lou on their board ♡ Thanks Delaney Delaney Teasdale for making the boys look hot!

♡ Oregon «California///Idaho///Utah///(Virginia)///Colorado////Pennsylvania////Ohio>>South Carolina////Florida///Michigan///Canada////Sydney///texas///Sydney///Maine///NW///Great Malvern UK///

♡ Oregon «California///Idaho///Utah///(Virginia)///Colorado////Pennsylvania////Ohio>>South Carolina////Florida///Michigan///Canada////Sydney>>>>texas>>> Sydney>>>Kentucky>> TEXAS AGAIN>> minnesota

My mum told me i wasn't allowed as many posters in my new room, and to take them down, so i shouted NO POSTERS LEFT BEHIND, i am now allowed all my posters

Styles, Tomlinson, Horan, Malik and Payne are the guys who made you feel loved like no any other boys can, The boys who changed the Story of Our Lives.

5 seconds of summer 5sos

5 seconds of summer love that song heartbreak girl!

I can't wait to see it! I'm going with my friend and dad because he said he wanted to see it, but he didn't realize that Harry was in it until my mom told him

Aswwwwwww shit harry freakin STYLES you-are-killing-meeeee!