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Daredevil photographer proves how far he will go for the perfect shot as his shoes and tripod are set alight by volcano lava flow. Kawika Singson was shooting in the volcanoes of Hawaii, which was so hot his tripod and shoes caught alight.

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COPING Wants Children Of Parents Incarcerated- To Embrace That Your Mind Can Will you to Success! Never give up!

Leopard jumps up on top of Jeep while photographer is on safari ...

Definitely ready for HER close-up: Playful young leopard gets a rise out of wildlife photographer

Leopard jumps up on top of Jeep while photographer is on safari .


Gun + Camera = A New Meaning to Shooting People. I love this idea. My dad needs this to hunt with.

Brighter than a thousand suns: Eyes that have seen a nuclear blast. Hiroshima, Japan. August 8, 1945

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Hibakusha: That's what survivors of the nuclear bomb are called. The photo is "blind girl' taken in Hiroshima in 1963 by Christer Strömholm. Eyes that have seen a nuclear blast, brighter than a thousand suns. This girl had a hard life.

Meanwhile, on Tumblr.

Meanwhile, on Tumblr.

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When lighting strikes sand