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Rey Católico

Rey Católico

El Cid: A living legend who was the beating heart of the Spanish Reconquista

El Cid : links to history page regarding the Moors and how their arrival ended the dark ages. Why werent we taught this is in school history, I wonder? Very interesting


m Fighter Noble Baron w Wife Child Horse farmland story "РУСЬ ИСКОННАЯ"

Thracian nobleman, top 2nd from right. Has lots of Greek lookng armour with the addition of a groin protector at the bottom of the cuirass, he wears greaves, which were out of fashion in Greece and has a crecent shaped shield. 3rd from the left/top row, is a Scythian horse archer. Middle: left, two Dacian/Thracian noble men, 3rd from left/mid Roman Imperial legionary, bottom left; a Roman cavalryman with a "parade" face mask helmet.

Thracian nobleman, top from right. Has lots of Greek lookng armour with the…