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Estas puertas han salido directamente de una película de ciencia ficción:

22 imágenes que demuestran que el 2014 es el maldito futuro

22 Pictures That Prove That 2014 Is The Damn Future - A door straight out science fiction

Green Screen [wish that leaping guy didn't fall :( ]

Green scree is capable of...

How filming with a green screen works - Dumb movie but good special effects

This beer drone: | 22 Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Damn Future

22 Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Damn Future

Funny pictures about Ice Fishing Beer Delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Ice Fishing Beer Delivery. Also, Ice Fishing Beer Delivery photos.

ideas to think over when building home by lupita m

Here are some awesome home hacks, gadgets and accessories that anyone would love. Here are some awesome home hacks, gadgets and accessories that anyone would love. was last modified: April…

Ao pensarmos sobre futuro muitos imaginam algo fantástico, porém estamos tão acostumados com nossas tecnologias que nem percebemos que o "futuro" já aconteceu ou vem acontecendo há tempos.

27 Imagens mostrando que o "futuro" já aconteceu e você nem percebeu

Man with the world's most advanced bionic hand can now tie his own shoelaces (and, more importantly, drink beer)

David Cameron Rap

Cassette Boy created this funny Eminem inspired rap song using video clips of the Prime Minister of England David Cameron.

Oh... Dios! 3.0

Samsung puts TV on back and Camera on front of trucks to show cars when road is clear.


25 Pictures and Gifs that are Oddly Satisfying For No Reason

Austrian artist Klemens Torggler's Evolution Door "opens and closes in a surprisingly elegant way at the slightest touch, folding in on itself like pieces of paper. Torggler calls this system a 'flip panel door' (Drehplattentür).

Double Acting Pivot Systems for glass doors. Allows doors to have no hardware showing.

Ultrasonic Levitation Machine

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of August 24, 2014

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week.

Long pull out draw as a display for jewelry if this was used as bedroom furniture instead ?

Design, Pull Out Dining Table Red White Grey Kitchen Amazing: Space saving at House - The Design Ideas

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Amazing use of space if you love in a small apartment, studio, or share a house with others and only have one room. And cute to boot!

Invisible Hinge

altro / ezyjamb - variety of door hardware: concealed hinges, concealed jamb, soft close cavity sliding door.

Stunning Pixilated Office Wall- what's more, you can even change how it looks every now and then, by just scribbling and peeling!

Pixelnotes Wallpaper Makes Office Fashion Meet Function

Pixelated Wall Art With Sticky Notes Wallpaper // 10 Creative Office Space Design Ideas

Taking green to the extreme

♂ Sustainable design green living wall vertical garden House Vision Exhibition by Kenya Hara, Tokyo