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DIY : 10 idées déco avec des coquillages ! | Actualités Seloger

DIY : 10 idées déco avec des coquillages !

Summer is the ideal time to gather sea shells and barnacles. These materials that nature has generously given us , can be used to make incr.

Colector de anclaje artesanal mosaico sol de vidrio auténtico mar. Puesto que el mosaico está hecho de vidrio de mar genuina, cada pieza es una una clase. Este colector solar enmarcado madera acentuado con medidas de cuerda náutica 12 3/4 por 10 3/4 y tiene un gancho de plata.

Handcrafted anchor mosaic sun catcher made from genuine sea glass. Since the mosaic is made from genuine sea glass, each individual piece is one a kind. This wooden framed sun catcher accented with nautical rope measures 12 by 10 and has a silver hook.

beach glass wave in pale blue by beachcreation on Etsy

X Two dancing star fish in a perfect wave of pale blue beach glass accented with sand and shells

Mermaid Sea Glass Window

30 X 11 3 pane window. The three mermaids are at it again playing in a wave of blues, greens, and frosted white beach glass . They even kicked up a

sun catcher by beachcreation on Etsy

W Beach glass sun catcher in sea foam blues and frosted clear sea glass accented with a white starfish and small seashells