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This is the most annoying thing ever, who takes that long to type like WTF

This is true sadly!♡

then its the spiral of lies, fake wiki pages, paying people etc. just to prove you are in fact right!

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My classmates/guy friends'(?) cologne literally last throughout the whole day while mine fades when I get to a place.

I am rarely ahead, but when I am...

or i hate it when people turn their's in when i'm only on the second question. so true or you look who's done or not

I do this :P

That awkward moment when someone is standing in front of a grocery item you need so you pretend to look or something else until they move (Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)

It's even better when it's something someone said to your face that you just can't stop thinking about and every time you think about it you smile.

Teenager Post My favorite texts are the ones where you re-read and it still puts a smile on your face like it's the first time you read it.