Store Design: Elektra Bakery by Studioprototype

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Very down to earth creation - unlike usual uses of marble to show grandeur

Elektra Bakery Design by Studioprototype Architects - Architecture & Interior Design Ideas and Online Archives

A Verdant Bakery in Vienna : Remodelista...I love the vintage feel of this cool.

A Verdant Bakery in Vienna

candy bar Green Tea Cupcakes Hotel Daniel: Vienna ~ love the signage.

Elektra Bakery by Studioprototype  Tom Dixon lights

Elektra Bakery by Studioprototype

LUXURY Connoisseur //Elektra Bakery, Edessa/Studioprototype Architects - Furniture by Xavier Pauchard and lighting by Tom Dixon.

A Touch of Glass

Modern extension is a clear winner at traditional Aussie corner pub...

The design of a boutique bakery in a Sydney shopping mall reflects the luxury of the pastries which it sells. With just 100-sq-m to work with, the priority for designer Mark McConnell was naturally the kitchen space. Equipped with two ovens, proofer, pastry benches, mixers and a cooling room, the kitchen can be seen from the storefront and mall hall. ‘The retail display was to be very simple to allow a broad layout of the various pastries and breads the French bakers were preparing in the…

Bécasse Bakery

The retail display was opened in a second stage, once the bakery was functioning.