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Orchid: Dendrobium pieradii ❥ڿڰۣ-- […] ●♆●❁ڿڰۣ❁ ஜℓvஜ ♡❃∘✤ ॐ♥.

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Androsace lanuginosa

Androsace lanuginosa (Rock Jasmine): Androsace is a genus in the family Primulaceae.


Rhynchostylis - orchid color when in bloom, and the very fragrant racemes [Inflorescences] bear spicy flowers. Grows best in indirect light. This vandaceous genus can be found from India southeast to the Philippines.

The "Dr. Suess Plant," tillandsia ionantha - decor inspiration

Tillandsia Ionantha or Sky Plant a very colorful bromeliad at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL.

Dendrobium masarangense var. masarangense

The name of this tiny species is bigger than the plant or the flowers. The plant is a tiny cluster of thin pseudobulbs and needle-like leav.

Jav I Orchid

A Whimsical orchid flower with a parrots eyes is the subject of an art quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie. It is called Rare Parrot Orchid.

La Orquídea y sus asombrosas formas

La Orquídea y sus asombrosas formas