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Hahahah yes. I'm more likely to be silently fuming and filtering out as many harsh words as I can before I speak to you again.

I think this is completely accurate!!

Considering my husbands nieces and nephews have called me crazy I'd say this is accurate. Except loyal, you betray my trust, there's no coming back.

I actually got tickled at a funeral home visitation once

I had an actual serious argument with my sister n started laughing I felt bad, but couldn’t help it. she laughed too in the end😬

When I cut off communication, it's for your benefit AND mine. It gives me time to vent, to get it all out of my system, to cool down + think rationally. At which point, I'll be back to myself, and I will give you an apology; otherwise, I'm expecting one from you

hate to feel they've disappointed the people they care about and not lived up to expectations. They often spend a lifetime feeling guilty over it

Taurus - when they ask for help it feels extra special

I'm also too stubborn and try to fix everything on my own -- when they ask for help it feels extra special

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