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Day 4 The Flash Tony Daniel I like the way he drew the face and the colors here are also really good

Flash Vol 5 #3 Cover A Regular Karl Kerschl Cover

Flash Vol 5 Cover A Regular Karl Kerschl Cover - Midtown Comics

The Flash vs. Rogues by Tony Daniel

capes-tights-claws-shields: “DC Comics Cover Girls - Batgirl by `Artgerm ”

Fuck Yeah Pietro Maximoff

X-men characters. Here is hoping fox and marvel make a deal and undo the ruined twins and bring in the real magneto's children. AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

Death of Superman

The Death of Superman by Tom Fleming actually witnessed this day and live with the aftermath everyday still.


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Liga da Justiça

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Nightwing Annual Issue 1 (2011)

Robin and Batgirl grew up fighting side by side…but with Dick Grayson about to embark on a new crimefighting quest and Barbara Gordon no longer fighting under the Bat, is there anything left between t