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lordmesa-art: “ “Supercute" No one is safe from blackmail baby pics…not even the Man of Steel

"Dribble Droolers" Cassidy the Cow

The new cool way to clean up drool, spit up, or anything else that comes out of your cute little babes mouth! Our Dribble Droolers are made out of Flannel and T

Lordmesa Art — “Challenge Accepted” ⚡️❄️ This season’s. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


The Further Adventures of Space Dad and the Super Kids: Parka Problems (Please don’t repost, thanks!

"Pointers" by Lord Mesa

Season 2 episode 3 - SuperGirl meets the President AKA Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

Team Arrow!

lordmesa-art: “Clowns” For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the pic I used as reference for my illo!

"You look at him like one of your sticky buns!" Alex exclaimed.

“I Like Big Buns” Inspired by last night’s episode of Supergirl…

Flash Clowns!!! ⚡️⚡️ Here’s the pic I used for reference!!

🤣😂😂 They just awesome ✌🏻😆 Tho Joe isn’t in the real pic

Yea but supergirl has been but for one episode

'Even the greatest heroes have a dark side.' I read this wrong the first three time, I thought it said 'Even have the greatest a dark heroes side' rip.

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"I'm just a woman trying to make a name for herself outside her family" - Lena, Kara and Clark

First Look: CW's SUPERGIRL & SUPERMAN Together | Newsarama.com

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