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Pequeña de Turquía.

✿ ❤ Young Turkmen Girl by Brave Lemming In Sarakhs, Turkmenistan.

How to travel outside your comfort zone.

How To Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

Dancing Couple at Market, Konye-Urgench, Turkmenistan. Konye-Urgench is in north-eastern Turkmenistan, just south of its border with Uzbekistan.

March - Nowruz

UN News - Ban appeals for world solidarity, peace, renewal on International Day of Nowruz

"Baby Roo" - Australian Kangaroo Joey. Photo by Alastair McNaughton.

Wholesale Australian Greeting Cards ~ Baby Roo ~ Australian Kangaroo and Aboriginal Girl. Saw this from another pinner, but searched out source to pin from NEGRITOS Negro black beauty beautifulphotographer's site.

Turkman with typical headgear at Konue-Urgench.  Konye-Urgench in northern Turkmenistan is the site of the ancient town of Urgench, which contains the unexcavated ruins of the 12th-century capital of Khorezm. Since 2005, the ruins of Old Urgench ave been protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Fomerly situated on the Amu-Darya River, Old Urgench was one of the greatest cities on the Silk Road | Photo: Retlaw Snellac Photography  #world_cultures

PAPAKHA - In Russia, this is the headdress of a man in the Caucasus. Papakha is a symbol of honour

Laos | "This Akha Nuqui infant sports a cap colorfully embroidered and adorned with coins and talismans for luck and safekeeping. When she reaches adolescence and weds, she will change roles, adopting the sail-like headdress of her mother." | Image and caption ©Victoria Vorreiter

Songs of memory in the Golden Triangle

The Laos Soung are another ethical group in Laos. They live in the northern mountains, and are semi- nomads. They speak a language similar to chinese.

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Kyrgyz girls in traditional dress, Kyrgyzstan.