With the emersion of "punk" rock music in 1977 came punk fashion, characterized by messy, baggy, ripped clothes typically in denim or black leather styles.

Cripple Punk Rebel blue wheelchair

inspo for seven, then i decided you can be punk in a lot of ways and added a lot more glitter.

Tokyo Fashion

Kentaro Asuka are two Japanese punk rockers who caught our eye in Kentaro is a longtime member of the Japanese pogo punk band the erections. Their punk looks include crosshawk mohawk hairstyles, studded leather jackets lace up boots.

punk girls

Female punks, mohawk and liberty spikes, The Casualties, Wasted Youth, leopard…

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Two decades later, The Casualties still get crowds pumped up. They will perform at 7 p. on March 29 at the Korova.