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Grulla Sarus de la India http://bit.ly/1OLm7Aa

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The Northern carmine bee-eater (Merops nubicus) is an African near passerine bird in the bee-eater family

Funny Animals Of The Day - 28 Pics

Funny pictures about Bioluminescent Octopus. Oh, and cool pics about Bioluminescent Octopus. Also, Bioluminescent Octopus photos.

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Beautiful Peacock - Animals & Pets Images & Photos

My fav bird, the peacock! It is so fascinating to see the White Indian Blue Peacock. This is the first I have seen of the beautiful white displaying the blue colors as well. It is amazing!

"Ya put your right foot in & ya shake it all about...and that's how ya do the Hokey Pokey..."

Male blue-footed booby performing a courtship dance for his mate.also known as "the booby dance".

"Fall in Love" - ©John & Fish -

Taiwan Yuhina loving couple photo credit to brother and sister John&Fish

That Look

Bad-Bird: "I photographed this gannet back in 2009 at one of my favourite Northeast locations, Howick, Northumberland. The bird had a certain evil look hence the name Bad Bird.

The Spectacled Owl,( Pulsatrix perspicillata) is a large tropical owl. It is a resident breeder from southern Mexico and Trinidad, through Central America, south to southern Brazil, Paraguay and northwestern Argentina.

Black-rumped flameback

Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) with crab lunch

birds, Saddle-billed Stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) with crab lunch


Jackson's Widowbird (Euplectes jacksoni) is found in Kenya and Tanzania. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland and arable land. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Sometimes I actually wish I were stupid enough to seriously believe that the opponent of the "man" I voted for cheated in an election after he actually told me the election was rigged...then won said election...then have had proven evidence that members of his team met with  Russians BEFORE the election. They say ignorance is bliss, it must be to be able to bend all of those lies in their brains. The other side is responsible for all the hate too! Okay. Surrrre. Makes TOTAL sense. LOL!

~While not the best looking bird on the boardwalk, buzzards and vultures perform vital functions. I think we oughta have a national "carrion eaters" day~