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Nunca subestimes las habilidades de una madre que tiene acceso al chocolate y café. ~ Never underestimate the abilities of a mother that has access to chocolate and coffee.

Bahaaa! The fuck you lookin' at?

Whatchu mean "the fuck you lookin at?" Obviously i'm lookin at the shit you feastin on!

Why clean today when they'll just turn it into a shit hole tomorrow lol

Why clean today when they will just turn it into a shit hole tomorrow: Amen!

52 Funny Pictures for Today

52 Funny Pictures for Today


This is a cartoon of me back when we lived in the apartment haha! JK Cleaning ad from 1950 :)

"Trust no bitches"

Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting! (Especially early in the work week!

That's why we have a housekeeper.

I know my kids are laughing; one four letter word I don't have trouble with - maid. (Of course I think that's why I have trouble with the other four letter words.

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quote - " When a woman says 'when you get a chance'.what she really means is "get off your ass and do it NOW".


I have so much housework. What movie should I watch ? - vintage retro funny quote >>> Why is this so true!