Vestuario :D

Raspberry iz mah favourite here :P ***************Various female clothes by meago on deviantART

Various female clothes 4 by

Okay, finnaly i found some time for scan it. And these are the last clothes designs at the moment. D: Sorry, i'll be less active in drawings, becau. Various female clothes 4

Loli Dresses Summer Collection by *Neko-Vi on deviantART

Finally I finished my new Lolita dresses collection *A*! 8 different Lolita dresses for a very loli summer So, what& your favourite one? ^_^ There are the pages where you can see every singl.

Oh my gosh! Chocolate themed outfits! I thought the fruit was a good idea, but this way if you don't want to splash out and be too colourful, you have some simple formal outfits right there ready to be made with your sewing machine.

Various female clothes 6 by meago on deviantART nice but. why all this clothes have food names?

Schism Fall Collection Part 4 by on @DeviantArt

Schism Fall Collection 2010 ---------- Cheers, L. (c) Rednotion Schism Fall Collection Part 4

Inspired by Cakes - Modern(ish) Clothes Designs by on @deviantART

Inspired by Cakes - Modern(ish) Clothes Designs by MaddalinaMocanu on DeviantArt

Various female clothes 3 by on @deviantART

oooh i wanna draw sth decent finally meanwhile, i'm spamming you by more female clothes XD i have more, but i'm too lazy for scanning them. Various female clothes 3

-CLOSED- Pastel goth male clothes by Guppie-Adopts on deviantART

Another batch of Male-Pastel goth outfits what you of course can buy for both male/female OCs : ) Rules/F.