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Kali ma- Madre Diosa Hindú. Ella es temeraria, te lleva a la muerte. Esa muerte es la muerte de la ilusión, y así libera a sus hij@s de la ilusion del mundo material. Tambien asociada con Shakti, poseedora del poder de la fuerza, su consorte en Shiva, el Dios de la destrucción.

Check out the Artwork from China based Concep Artist: Fenghua Zhong Website

Kali the goddess of time,change and destruction.She Who Conquers Over All, All-Auspicious, the remover of Darkness, the Excellent One Beyond Time, the bearer of the Skulls of Impure thought the reliever of difficulties, loving, forgiveness, supporter of the Universe.

Emma by Jiansong Chain chain_jane She is a demon wizard. Sending out evil breath

"Triumph" :  Fifth and final painting in the series of angels and dragons  www.heathertheurer.com

Fine Art Disney Princess Paintings By Artist Heather Theurer Bring Mulan, Merida & More To Glorious, Classical-Inspired Life

Quan Yin. The Buddah of Compassion.

Beautiful painting by Zeng Hao! Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism. She is known as the mother of liberation, a protectress, an obstacle remover, and an earth mother.


Female character illustration 女孩的艺术 Saule, the Baltic Goddess of the Sun who determines the well-being and regeneration of all life on earth. She also represents the eclipse of the sun.

Isis: Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood, associated with marital devotion, healing the sick, working of magical spells and charms; Egyptian

Isis, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for “throne.

Anubis... Afrodita.

Anubis and Sekhemet or Bastet (both were lion goddesses). This is an amazing image.