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Altair and Tazim Love the Altaïr parts in revelations

Leave him alone Malik, throwing pebbles is the best he can do to interact with water

tsundere by *doubleleaf on deviantART< jeez Altair learn to swim

[AC3] Assassin's Alcohol - Connor: Whiskey

i was hosting a party and asked some friends to bring some spirits ♥ later i learned that assassin’s don’t get drunk.

graphitedoll: “here! have some rule 63 assassins ♥ ”

Jacob Frye fanart #NotMine

graphitedoll: “❤ ♥ ♡ modern day every day ! ♡ ♥ ❤ oh… god i started this on a whim and it killed me, it KILLED me ! i was browsing the ubi workshop for some nice threads and… god… i am never doing this again. i put the fashion style i was going for.