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Chemex coffee maker

So after an evening well spent learning about the coffee making process, at Fondation Café in Paris, I've discovered that my tastebuds tends to prefer filtered coffee.A Chemex is going on my Christmas list!

How to make coffee with a Chemex: The best pot you'll ever brew.

Chemex drip coffee carafe- next on my list of coffee pots I need to own or have owned :)

Coffee Coke

Café gelado: três receitas fáceis para o verão

COFFEE COKE 50 ml of cold espresso 50 ml of Coca-Cola 1 tablespoon of condensed milk 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup 1 teaspoon Mojito Mix (syrup) 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream Chocolate shavings to decorate Blend espresso, Coca

Cafetière Chemex

Jeudi J'aime: une liste de Noël avec Club Monaco, l'Islande et une Gibson Hummingbird


If you want one classic cup of pour over coffee sure to impress anyone viewing the MANUAL Coffee Maker is going to take the prize. Designer Craighton Berman has designed a 'slow coffee' appliance that is designed to.

Your Coffee Guru

I'm using a french press to brew my cafe du monde until I can find a vietnamese coffee press filter. It tastes good but the vietnamese coffee press makes it taste amazing!

Espresso made using a naked (bottomless) portafilter.

Naked Espresso, by John Noble - I loooove coffee and I need to get myself a proper old style espresso machine!