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Best classic instrument.

I suppose that the greatest blessing and the darkest curse of being an artist is the sheer agony of having such feelings that cannot be given form through human means clawing at my heart. They suffocate me, and yet I would dare not breathe without them.

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“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” -- Victor Hugo (Every child should read a "real" book, to hold a real book, turn the pages, not an electronic one!

Too cute!

My neighbor totoro coloring pages image by chocobobaby on Photobucket --- I'd consider one of these as a tattoo.

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mujer tocando violin dibujo - Buscar con Google

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Creo que quiero ser egoísta porque siento que me están robando una buena amiga. En cierta forma siento cierta envidia de él aunque se que la hace feliz. Aún así a veces me gustaría volver al tiempo donde no tenía rivales, al tiempo donde ninguna de esas cosas eran importantes. Quiero volver a ser inocente y algo ingenua como antes. Escrito por Celia Kiiro.

These are best friends Akio and Kana. Akio is usually cheerful but protective of her friends. Kana is quite and shy. They are best friends, they have been together forever.