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They just finished doin' smth y'know?  #IwaOi

They just finished doin' smth y'know? <<< Oikawa was probably going to be throw up so Iwaizumi was going to be there to put his head on the toilet 😂😂 or they were gonna do the dirty

I L O VE THIS SO MUCHH HAHAHA - - - Credit to artist ✌

Trashes by / I have spotted the difference the trash cans swiched places the black one that was in the back of the first pic is now in front and vise versa for the blue.

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Finally made the last part =w= I have no idea what Iwaizumi will see if he open the door. The previous part: fav.me/dapobwr Tell me if i made mistakes in the dialogues Paint Tool SAI, Photos.