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this right here makes me love Baekhyun more and more, when they were talking about Kris on Happy Camp and Tao started crying Baekhyun started comforting Tao......<3 I love them so much

EXO GIF "Oh my -sobs- The older brother comforting the younger Bek, you're soo sweet . omg, this is tooo much - goes and cries in the corner -"

How I'm feeling right now because I can't see VIXX at K-Con in LA. (This gif is from the VIXX file episode when he lost the staring contest. Poor Leo. lol) Side note: Look how proud Hyukkie looks at beating his hyung! Bad maknae~!

Look how proud Hyuk is XD He's just like "yes. I beat Leo hyung to a staring contest.

sweet Hug chen and leo of vixx fter vixx's first win peo was inconsolable, so cute!

sweet Hug ♥ chen and Leo of VIXX after VIXX's first win Leo was inconsolable, so cute! Both my baises omg

¡A veces se pasa tanto de la raya que los miembros incluso sienten la necesidad de pedir perdón a sus padres!

How come they're so pretty tho? You guys should be proud because you made a lot of people happy 💖👑

Leo and his drawings

Hakyeon had some magic powers in this segment (even after it began by pretty much humiliating him.

Leo and Ravi . So cute! They were so tired here and Leos like "No, I will have the nice one"

VIXX Funny ☆ Leo & Ravi ☆ HAHAHAHA xD Ravi is looking at Leo as if he is a little boy whose toy gets stolen & replaced by a similar one.

This is so true, and Leo is just adorable! You bias wrecker! ;)

This is so true, and Leo is just adorable! You bias wrecker!) // ironic because Bean was my bias, but I fell for Leo.

Hyuk, what are you doing to Hongbin? That is enough to make a fanfic hahaha! xD

Haha N and Ken's hot dancing ;) And then there's Leo playing with the ball not caring about everyone else like always. Too bad we can't really see Ravi but it looks like he's also dancing like Hyuk haha

Wow Leo is really excited about something ..... too bad it's about chicken :) lol

The only thing leo gets excited about. Lol I get that excited about chicken too!