Gallon size plastic milk containers can be turned into fantastic fill/dump toys. On another note, a plastic gallon milk container can also be turned into great toy storage

plastic bottle diy

25 Things To Do With Empty Plastic Bottles {Water & Soda Bottle Crafts} Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

A beautiful DIY with plastic bottles. Tip: Use a medium hot iron and place it on the mouth of the bottle to connect the finish! Use baking paper between the Iron and the bottle, so you don't ruin the iron!

Old milk jug

Great Ways to Upcycle Milk Jugs- Fun projects, crafts and tutorials. An easy way to organize pencils and school supplies

Milk Jug Crafts for all Seasons.

Milk Jug Crafts for all Seasons. Crafts for budding artists. We've all got milk jugs. Give them some paint & a few supplies found around the house & let their imaginations do the rest!

Tiny shopping bags

Fun DIY Craft Ideas – 40 Pics for the little ones para los pekes.

What a neat way to send leftovers home with someone or with the forgetful kid (or husband) who never bring back the Tupperware!

Updated: December 2016 The season for major gifts is coming, we are less than a month away for Christmas and New Year. Here are some ideas to wrap your presents in an unique way but also reusing ma…

Milk Jug Uses.  Over 15 different uses!

15+ Uses For Milk Jugs

ALL YOU readers submitted their own milk jug crafts in our Take This, Make That photo contest.

8 Favorite Milk Jug Crafts

ALL YOU readers submitted their own milk jug crafts in our Take This, Make That photo contest.

Milk Jug Uses

16 Clever Ways To Reuse A Milk Jug

Turn your empty milk jugs into great piggy banks! This article from Planet Forward includes kid-friendly directions for the piggy bank project plus nine other ideas for reusing milk jugs.


Reciclando plástico

A super easy tutorial for making baskets from giant empty detergent-type plastic bottles and a group of other DIY reuse-recycle-repurpose ideas.