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Asi no mas es...

Avi Gabbay says leadership is silencing dissent; Ya’alon’s ouster and replacement by Liberman was the last straw ed note–please remember, this is the age of Hollywood, a source of psychologic…

I love this I know it's long but look until the end (there may be a potatoe)

Brilliant Owlturd comic strips they are just a little too relatable<< oh Shenpai

.public schools

Funny pictures about How Education Works. Oh, and cool pics about How Education Works. Also, How Education Works.

Hain Medya....www.funmag.org

Hain Medya....www.funmag.org

Het begrip marketing samengevat in één tekening

Funny pictures about Black Friday Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Black Friday Logic. Also, Black Friday Logic photos.

30 Joyfully and Wittily Comics About Our Life, http://coolvide.com/funny-comics-life-owl-turd-comix/ Check more at http://coolvide.com/funny-comics-life-owl-turd-comix/

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22 de Abril dia da Terra.

22 de Abril dia da Terra.

La triste realidad que nos espera :(

The Comic News: Political/Editorial Cartoon by Paresh Nath, National Herald, New Delhi, India on Earth Day Celebrated

Capitalism did NOT generate the West's wealth; colonialism & imperialism did.

Ben Norton on

In addion to destroying the lives of most Native Americans for their own gain, Europeans also began enslaving Africans and bringing them to the Americas where they were forced to work to the benefit of the Europeans

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