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Nettles provide an important early source of food for ladybirds in the spring


wow - I've never seen a purple ladybug! It's a Photoshop. However, there are blue Lady beetles. Steelblue Ladybird Halmus chalybeus Boisduval (I thought all ladybugs were red with black spots!

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Red Animals - And this color is so powerful that red coloured animals often attract our attention very easily for their beauty and those red, crimson, burnt orange or rusty red hues.

Marien Käfer 'Ladybird'

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Horsehead Grasshopper found in Peru.

The Horsehead Grasshopper is from Western South America, more specifically the jungles of Ecuador and Peru. It looks like a stick insect and has the diet of a stick insect (foliage, tree leaves) but it is actually a real grasshopper.